10 tips for a great golf trip this summer

viaje de golf en verano

Summer is here and that can only mean one thing for golfers: it is time to make the best of such great weather. You may travel to an unforgettable destination, play golf out in the open, or better still, have them both together: go on a golf trip!

Certainly there is some advice on choosing a good destination, not be caught by a heat wave and travel comfortably with your golf clubs. Everything you need to spend the summer on a golf course, so sit back, relax and just for a bit, find out here how to get the best summer holidays.

1. What a good golf destination should look like?

Considering golfers’ preferences, the most sought destinations this season are Portugal, Ireland, Scotland, Italy, the United Kingdom and, of course, Spain (Canary Islands, Barcelona, Mallorca, Cadiz, Madrid). What do they share? Good golf courses as well as an outstanding tourist life most of all when the sun sets.

2. Golf courses to suit all needs

On the one hand, when it comes to choosing, it is important that the golf course is near a hotel or even better, that it includes lodging. In addition, it should have parking spaces, an ice box and areas where the weather is not as hot.

On the other hand, one option is taken, depending on the dress code, the location of the caddies and an area for children to play golf. Likewise, the condition for booking is also taken into account. Some courses may be booked days earlier, whereas in others, the most well-known ones, the reservation must made months ahead.

In the end, the winning golf courses are those that come with these ‘formulas’: golf plus sea, golf plus spa, golf plus wine, golf plus family, golf plus friends… What a treat!

3. Travelling with your own golf equipment?


Golf clubs are usually rented if it is a long weekend golf trip or they are brought if it is longer than a 5-day trip. However, golf fans know that there is nothing better than using your own equipment. It is all about comfort and having a good time.

Now then, if you wanted to move your golf clubs by plane or by train, that is usually an issue. Using these means of transport usually implies paying for extra weight, getting earlier at the airport for the check-in, not to mention the constant stress from thinking your golf bag may be lost on the way.

Fortunately, there is something suiting the needs of the most demanding golfers: a service specialized in shipping golf equipment, such as TransSport. By means of it, you will have this service door to door, not needing to carry your golf clubs on the way to the airport or train station. For your own comfort, we will send it for you and move it anywhere you want.

4. How to send your golf clubs?

Through the use of TransSport you can send your golf clubs without a problem. Do all this while you enjoy the most pleasant holidays. Just tell us when you are travelling and where you want to ship your golf clubs. All you have to do is fill the budget form. From then on, we will contact you to confirm your shipping. Afterwards, we will send you a special box to protect your golf clubs and we will also go and get them wherever you want, at your place, in the club, you name it! Just like that, easy and fast!

If at this point you are wondering whether our service includes insurance for your golf clubs, the answer is absolutely yes! We offer an all-included round trip service around the European Union, Norway and Switzerland.

5. During summer, fresh clothes, sun lotion and extra equipment

The equipment for this season is suggested to be fresh and suited for the sun. Do not forget to wear fresh, loose, breathable and light clothes in order not to absorb the sunlight.

Remember your sun kit and rain clothing: sun lotion, sunglasses, a hat or a visor, your waterproof and extra shoes, gloves and socks.

6. What is the best time of day to play golf? 

Fotos: Igor Ovyannykov

To avoid the heat, you might want to play first thing in the morning. The downside of this recommendation it is that most golfers already know it and so, courses are overbooked.

In any case, it is also suggested to play when the sun is setting and temperatures are dropping. Avoid playing from 12:00 to 17:00 at all costs.

7. Learn how golf balls reacts to high temperatures

Whether your golf ball perform differently during summer is not something random. It is the air which becomes lighter at high temperatures making it easier for the ball to fly. The elevation is reduced in the trajectory.

Something else happens when there is humidity. The ball flight increases, there is less density and friction, which works for you.

Now then, this will not finish the game considering the ball is more on the course grass than in the air. Then it is the temperature on the grass the one that would define your performance. What to do? When and how to play? If you mean to reach wider distances, it would be better to play on a humid summer afternoon not using balls that have been exposed to sunlight. In theory, an ideal temperature for a ball is 27 °C.

8. When on the course, drink plenty of water, eat light and stretch.

It is important to drink water or liquids constantly. Still, do not include drinks with caffeine, sugar or high levels of alcohol because their downside is they accelerate your dehydration.

Also, try to eat fresh meals such as salads, fruit, vegetables, and gazpacho among others which help you with your hydration and digestion processes.

Do not forget to stretch before starting to play, even before using the golf club. The point is to have a good time with friends without ending up injured (muscle fatigue).

9. Learn to notice and react to a heat wave

The key for a summer golf trip is to be ready on the course. Therefore, it is important to learn to recognize the signs of a heat exhaustion; firstly, dizziness, paleness, cramps, fast heartbeat, plenty of thirst and headaches.

In case somebody is affected by the heat, it is suggested to take them to a fresh place with very little sunlight. Later, lean them back with their feet a little high and give them fresh water. Also, give them room to breathe. If he/she does not get better, call a doctor.

10. Play on a good mood

When in high temperatures, it is suggested not to take the game so seriously. It is about having a good time on and off the course. Celebrate your victories and your friends’. Travel or join a group of golfers who get along well with you.

We hope you take into account these tips on your next sports trip.
If you want to ship your golf clubs with TransSport, send your comment below or request your online budget.