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Nazaré, the historical wave: success, risk, spectacularity, nature


The wave never surfed was first dominated by American Garrett McNamara in November 2011 and certified by the Guinness World Records. After this incredible feat every year dozens of surfers venture into the water to try the feat, but where is this site with giant waves.

The location of the XXL Surf lovers.

It is about Nazaré, a Portuguese coastal town about 120 km from Lisbon. These gigantic waves usually unleash all their majesty in autumn and winter due to the strong swells coming from the Atlantic.

With waves between 25 and 30 meters high, Hurricane Epsilon made the waves of Nazaré the dream place for surfers.

In the true temple of surfing in southern Europe, the storm did not intimidate the athletes who decided to jump into the sea despite the gigantic waves to practice their favorite sport. However, not everything is as idyllic as it is read and seen in his incredible photographs and the bravery scene was the place to see the amazing rescue of a surfer who was caught in the waves.

The protagonists of the video are the surfers Pedro Viana, Lucas Chianca, Everaldo “pato” Texeira.


This incredible rescue was recorded by Daniel Neves and Pedro Miranda de Maquina Voadora and was the winner at the Los Angeles Drone Film Festival 2017 in the News & Docs category.

Have you ever dreamed of living the experience of being inside a giant 30-meter wave?

As technology advances, many things are possible, such as the Hawaiian surfer Kai Lenny who managed to record himself surfing a 30-meter wave by Hurricane Epsilon and then his wipeout. Click this video and feel it! This was on Thursday, October 29, 2020 and it will surely go down in history in the world of surfing.


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But not everything is wonderful, in Europe there is a second wave of infections due to Covid-19 and due to crowds in the largest XXL surf amphitheater and at the request of the Captain of the Port of Nazaré, the authorities have prohibited since November 4, 2020 and ‘until further notice’ free surfing and tow-in surfing in Praia do Norte.

At TransSport we sincerely hope that the situation regarding the pandemic improves and sports practices can be resumed with a new normal, but in the meantime, we ask all our clients to take care of themselves and practice the biosafety and self-care standards recommended by the staff. health and competent authorities.