Astrid Fina


Astrid is a rider of the Spanish team of snowboard adapted from the year 2013. She got herself into this world by chance, because after having suffered a traffic accident, on 9 May 2009, which caused her several injuries. The most serious, a catastrophic right foot. After two years and a half going in and out of hospital infections and operations, she decided to have it amputated. Then she changed her life completely.

After adapting herself perfectly to her new “leg”, Kiko Caballero invites her to try snowboarding. If it wasn’t enough, he encourages her to appear to the tests of access of the national team. Then she was admitted and began to train. After a month was already competing! Now she competes in different parts of Europe, the USA and Canada in the European and World Championships of “snowboard cross” and “banked slalom”.

Astrid Fina with her willpower, effort and optimism , has been improving technically with the help of his coach and friend Albert Mallol. They’re gradually getting very good results. Astrid is one of the best European riders and the world, she achieved a 6th (Paralympic diploma) in the Paralympic Games in Sochi in 2014 with scarely experience with the snowboard and a 2nd position in the test of “snowboard cross” of the European Championship at the ski resort of Les Angles (France) in March 2016.

Here, there is the ‎interview to our favorite snow rider. Do not miss her story of overcoming.