bicicletas electricas

Let’s say that you have an electric bike and that you want to test it, to spend a different week-end or to go and live an adventure far beyond your borders. Then the first thing you need is to be able to transport your electric bike. Fortunately thanks to the specialized delivery service offered by TransSport you can now deliver your bicycle across Europe.

In fact by plane you won’t be able to transport it directly. It is simply not allowed. The airlines don’t allow to invoice the battery. Also you would have problems due to the weight of the electric bike.

TransSport can offer you this service because we use ground shipments. Therefore we can take care of everything without any problem, and by everything we mean that we offer a door-to-door service. So we will go and pick up the bike wherever you want. We will provide you with a special packaging and we will deliver it at the address you send us. Easy, quick and safe!


Read on so you can ride your two wheels vehicle on your next trip.

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