Frequent Questions

+ How to send my sports equipment with TransSport?

+ How can I ask for my budget?

+ I need to bring my bike from Rome to Madrid, do you do this service?

+ If the transport you do terrestrial, Can Transsport send my bike to Lanzarote?

+ I need my sports equipment tomorrow at destination, is it possible to make this shipment?

+ I bought some skis from another person online. Could you make the payment once you have received them?

+ How much does it cost for me to send my sports equipment with TransSport?

+ Apart from the sports equipment (bike, skis, kayak, surfboard, golf clubs, …) I also need to send the accessories (helmet, slippers, inflate, …) Can I send it with TransSport?

+ I need the delivery to be made in a hotel, but depending on the time at which the delivery is made, we may not have arrived yet. Can this be a problem?

+ What guarantee do I have to deliver the material that I want to send on the day I have requested?

+ I have a semi-rigid bag to carry my bike. Can I use it even if it has different dimensions?

+ The third option, “partially dismantled”, how exactly?

+ Does the budget include a protective box for my sports equipment?

+ Can I send my bike fully assembled? How much will it cost me?

+ Do you have a service of dismantling and / or packing at home?

+ On the other hand, I suppose I will have to sign something when you take my sports equipment?

+ What do I have to do if I am in accordance with the budget they have sent me?

+ How and when do I transfer?

+ We are a group of friends Do we have any discount if we send more than one bike at a time?

+ My sports equipment that I am going to send is worth more than 6000 €, can I extend the insurance?

+ I am all day away from home. Can I go to leave my bike to your store or offices?