How to send your bike?


If you value your time and comfort, you’ve reached the right place. From Europe, you can choose from a variety of options to ship your bike, some being more convenient and safer than others.

The most popular options are:
• Post or courier service shipping.
• Bike check-in by plane, train or bus.
• Sports equipment specialized shipping.

What’s the best way to travel with your bike?


To sum it all up, the best option is TransSport, sports equipment specialized shipping in Europe. It’s the most comfortable, customized and safest choice.

We give you the shipping box at no additional cost. It’s available for racing, triathlon, mountain and BMX bicycles.
Forget about doing tedious math to know the weight and measurements of your bike, because we will advise you on this step.
You get a great insurance plan; 3.000€ minimum, and it’s also possible to have a higher coverage.

You benefit from the door to door service for  national and international shipment (European Union, Norway and Switzerland). It’s your choice to have us pick it up at your place, house, hotel, club or association.

calendarioEquipment delivery terms are guaranteed to be from three to six days, depending on the destination. You can also request the express service.

shipping-boxYour place is reserved. So, there’s no chance of sudden shipping cancelling for lack of room on the plane, train or bus.

bicicleta icono And the best thing is you can send the bike in one piece, or you can either disassemble the pedals or the whole bike. You can choose what suits you best.

You just have to link your budget to enjoy this unique TransSport service,  because you deserve a comfortable and happy trip!

Service physical characteristics
Assembled bike shippingCaja-biciprueba-300x249

• Box dimensions: 159cm x 40cm x 110cm (length, width, height)
• Special offer: you can add a 5kg backpack by taking the front wheel apart.

Partially disassembled bike shipping

• Box dimensions: 160cm x 23cm x 110cm (length, width, height)
• Disassembling: take pedals apart and put them in a bag inside the box.
• Special offer: you can add a 2kg backpack by taking the front wheel apart.

Disassembled bike shipping

• Box dimensions: 135cm x 23cm x 75cm (length, width, height).
• Disassembling: take pedals, front and rear wheel, handgrip and seat apart.

Just 5 steps to ship your bike with TransSport
  1. Request the budget
  2. You will receive an email from us containing all the details and cost of the service. We’ll agree all details with you.
  3. Once you’ve hired the service, we’ll send our special box for you to pack up the bike.
  4. We can pick the boxed bike wherever you like.
  5. Done! We’ll ship your sports equipment to your next destination.


Also, if you like, we can offer our return service. No worries, just enjoy!




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