Todos los deportes

With the COVID-19 don’t go out, we move to bring you what you need.


Despite the Coronavirus pandemic that is currently affecting all aspects of our daily lives, at TransSport we are devoting all our resources and efforts to ensure that you can continue to send your sports equipment such as bicycles, golf clubs and others normally and safely. 

We have adapted to the situation and decided to also take a new path such as sending treadmills or exercise bikes so that you can do sport without leaving home.

We are confident that #COVID-19 will pass, but in the meantime, we will continue to provide most door-to-door services as normal for both domestic and international shipments. Although for obvious reasons, there are some restrictions, such as the deliverers picking up or leaving the sports equipment on the mat in front of your door, maintaining security standards for our customers and our deliverers and thus avoiding the spread of the virus, something that can be done by the firm on the PDA.

We want to share with you through this communication that we are activating our contingency plans and giving continuity to the business as the situation progresses and following the guidelines of the local authorities. 

At TransSport we maintain the services of shipping sports equipment throughout Europe and to this end we are adapting our operations in the countries concerned.

The TransSport team wishes you all the best in these difficult times, together we will succeed.

Every day we spend at home is a day less to travel again.