Important competitions are celebrated in Spain in November. 


We have learned to live in this new normality, even when we are already experiencing the second wave. Each sector has known how to adapt to continue the sport and competitions are no exception.

This is the case for the Triathlon World Cup, which should have been held in May but was cancelled because of Coronavirus.

Valencia was the place chosen for the celebration of the Triathlon World Cup.

The 2020 Triathlon World Cup was held in Valencia on November 7 and was the place where this atypical season marked by the COVID-19 came to an end.

130 athletes, 65 women and 65 men.

They were responsible for ending the season on a sprint-distance track. The triathletes swam in the dársena area starting from the Edificio la base. The interior of La Marina was the place where the cyclists rode and then headed to Avenida del Puerto in the direction of the South Marina and continued the race on foot parallel to the dársena via the Veles I Vents’ building.

The final match was defined by Frenchman Vincent Luis who won the duel with British Alistair Brownlee and the podium was completed by Belgian Jelle Geens. In the women’s competition, Beth Potter beat Nicola Spirig and Lisa Tersch more clearly.

Imagin Extreme Barcelona. 

On November 6 and 8, due to the suspension of the 7th because of rain, this multitudinous competition is held in the Forum, which has limited capacity and will reduce the competitions so that they can comply with all the established prevention regulations to the COVID-19.

A show that brings all the best Spanish and international riders together. 

This festival features competitions in disciplines such as skateboarding, BMX, scooter and roller frestyle. No doubt that is an opportunity to support our athletes and continue to grow the base of the Urban Sports.

The Imagin Extreme can be seen from anywhere in the world.

This festival has long been committed to sharing its event with everyone who is not in town at the moment, which makes this year much more meaningful. For this reason you can see through streaming worldwide via the link below or follow the social networks of the event, even see the results and photographs through the tag #imaginextremebarcelona

The Titan Desert 2020, an unforgettable edition. 

The 2020 edition of The Titan Desert changed its location and will remain engraved in people’s minds, not only because of the strict control by the COVID-19 but also because it brought together incredible Spanish athletes such as Claudia Galicia, Miguel Indurain and Sergio Mantecón among others who gave their all in the race. It is important to highlight that it had a unique ending after a war without truce in which Sergio Mantecón won, and in the female classification Clàudia Galicia dominated.

Let’s remember that this is a very difficult competition by stages, which takes place in the desert of Morocco and lasts 6 days. This time the place chosen was the desert of Almeria (Spain) rolling through El Toyo and Tabernas and on November 6 culminated the 15th edition of the Titan Desert 2020.

Wonderful news brought the Ironman.

Chris Nikic, the first triathlete with Down syndrome to complete an Ironman. The 21-year-old American became the first triathlete with Down syndrome to become a finisher in the history of Ironman on Saturday night, November 8. In this triathlon category where you have to swim 3.86 km, the place for this occasion was the Gulf of Mexico, where you have to pedal for 180 km and then run a marathon.

In TransSport we are happy to see that although this year has been very difficult due to the pandemic, we are recovering and gaining space in sports. We firmly believe that humanity will come out of this and better times will come for everyone.