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The first underwater traffic circle in the world was built. 


The phrase in the title sounds incredible, and it is that this year has been so hard for humanity that this news comes to us as a soft melody when we see man’s achievement and that the distances are getting shorter. It is that the Faroe Islands, where there are currently three roads under the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, was recently inaugurated. The first underwater traffic circle in the world, an innovative construction that becomes part of the Eysturoy Tunnel, connects the island of Eysturoy with the city of Tórshvan, capital of the Faroes.

The distance between Eysturoy Island and the capital will be reduced from 55 to 17 kilometers.

It began its work in 2017 and currently has three underwater roads with a length of 11.24 kilometers that join the first underwater traffic circle that leads to 180 meters under the Atlantic Ocean. A huge sculpture of about 80 meters created by a local artist named Tróndur Patursson gives life to this traffic circle, this piece shows a combination of sculptures and light effects.

A wonderful step for modern architecture that allows the connection of the Faroe Islands, an autonomous archipelago that is part of the Kingdom of Denmark. If you are visiting this amazing place and want to practice your favorite sport, keep in mind that in TransSport we ship to and from Denmark: golf clubs, bicycles, or surfboards. You choose the sport and we will take care of the transport and security of your favorite sports equipment.