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Post-Brexit: more bureaucracy and Europe without fish. 


Brexit brings with it a tail of annoyances that are becoming notorious for the English and that is after more than a month since the UK officially became a third country and EU law has no longer applied to the island, there has not been the debacle that the worst omens predicted, but problems are multiplying on all fronts.

The Brexit came into effect, and it has caused the United Kingdom to see with concern how its trade is faltering. One example of this is the fishing industry having problems getting animal products into the European Union. This is currently happening in British ports.

For customs purposes, as of January 1, 2021, the UK is treated the same as any other NON-EU country. In particular, customs procedures and formalities now apply to trade between the UK and the EU.

The UK’s exit from the EU means that shipments of sporting goods to or from the UK are subject to customs clearance and the payment of duties and taxes. However, in accordance with the agreed Ireland/Northern Ireland protocol, EU customs rules and procedures generally continue to apply to goods entering and leaving Northern Ireland.

Everything related to sports equipment shipments.

So that there are no complications in the shipments of sports equipment such as golf clubs bags, bicycles, skis and others between the United Kingdom and the European Union, from January 1, 2021 you must have prepared some points, one of them is to provide the customs invoice for both imports and exports, regardless of the reason for which it is done. You should also take into account that there are no tariffs but customs clearance fees are payable.  VAT will still be charged, therefore customs declarations are required for goods to leave the border. Country specific restrictions will remain in place and licenses will also be required.

Customers in Northern Ireland can continue to trade as they do now, as customs documentation will be introduced when trading with the EU. For customers shipping goods between Great Britain and Northern Ireland no such documentation is required, as Northern Ireland in this case acts as a non-EU country until further notice.

Exports from the islands to the continent have plummeted by 68%.

Many British companies have slowed or halted their cross-channel trade because of bureaucratic hurdles on the island. The United Kingdom has 10,000 customs agents, which is not enough to achieve the previous delivery times.

In TranSport we want you to know everything related to Brexit and any other regulations to send your sports equipment, we help you throughout the process so that you only focus on exercising and enjoying your favorite sports.