The Champions League is not just about soccer. It is much more.


That’s right, you read it right. The Champions League is not only about soccer players, because this Saturday begins a new competition where you can see the best cyclists in the world giving their best in the two modalities planned for this meeting.

A new way of looking at track cycling. 

This new and revolutionary competition, the UCI Track Champions League of track cycling, is held in 4 countries and starts on Saturday, September 6 in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. It gathers 72 cyclists, who score points throughout the five rounds in the Sprint and Endurance categories. As in soccer, this initiative was made to enjoy from the stands, to feel the excitement of the moment and live with those around you the joy of victory. Watching your favorite athletes and cheering them on is an indescribable sensation that can only be experienced when you are present. A unique opportunity to watch the competitors and cheer them on from the stands or at home.

Each category has two different types of races, in which competitors can accumulate points: Sprinters will race in both Sprint and Keirin, while Endurance riders will race in both Elimination and Scratch.

Eighteen riders participate in each league. All 72 cyclists, 36 men and 36 women.

As we have indicated previously the league is divided into two championships Sprint and Endurance Championship.

In the case of Sprint: It has two exciting cycling formats. Keirin: The two fastest riders in three heats qualify for a six-athlete final. Sprint: the three-rider heats end in a head-to-head competition.

In the case of the Endurance Championship: It boils down to the two races that seem to be the most intense, but all racers would be competing this time, at the same time in the following ways: The Scratch race: this is a shorter and faster version than implemented in other events and the Elimination race which consists of one racer eliminated every two laps until only one is left.

The cyclists score points in each race for each position.

In this way every point matters. The results are counted in the respective leagues, leaving four champions:

Men’s sprint and endurance.
Women’s sprint and endurance.

All this will take place after the final round in Tel Aviv on December 11.

The dates and venues chosen for the UCI Track Champions League are:

Each meeting is condensed into a fast-paced two-hour program.

Round 1: Mallorca, Spain – Saturday, November 6
Round 2: Panevezys, Lithuania – Saturday, November 27th
Round 3: London, United Kingdom – Friday, December 3
Round 4: London, United Kingdom – Saturday, December 4
Round 5: Tel Aviv, Israel – Saturday 11 December

This Champions League brings together the best cyclists from different countries. 

So you can see some stars like: Harrie Lavreysen, Nicholas Paul, Shanne Braspennincx, Emma Hinze, Kelsey Mitchell, Anette Edmondson, Yumi Kajihara, Anita Stenberg and Katie Archibald, Sebastian Mora.

Some of the impressions gathered in interviews by the athletes highlight the novelty of making a UCI Track Champions League, the importance of holding it so that the fans feel part of the competition and that we no longer have to wait so long to see this discipline.

This is what Sir Chris Hoy says about the Champions League and where you can see it:

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Remember: There are sports beyond soccer and not all Champions Leagues are exclusively for soccer players and their fans.