Warszawa-Praha-Berlin The genuine Peace Race.


TransSport is very happy to be part of the Warszawa – Praha – Berlin race by being chosen as the official logistics operator. A 1,300 km, 8-day stage race that follows the route of the legendary Peace Race.

The Peace Race was initially created in 1984 and traditionally held in East Germany (Germany) Poland and Czechoslovakia (Czech Republic since 1993) and was removed from the cycling calendar in 2007. This is because the situation between the countries changed, the cold war ended and the objective of the race was no longer relevant at that time, however the meaning remains in time.

In this edition we intend to revive the original reason for this event and honor the Peace Race again.

The Peace Race ran alternately between Warsaw and Prague and was a mini-Tour for amateur runners.

After the terror of World War II, sport played a key role in restoring daily life. The resumption of the Olympic Games in London in 1948 served as an example for the common will to redirect the future.

Germany, punished with Japan as responsible for the Second World War, was not there, but Czechoslovakia and Poland, countries in the Soviet orbit, agreed to organize a cycling event that year as a contribution to the general distension.

How will the WPB 2022 edition be developed?

WPB 2022 will be held with no entry fee, no race officials, just a spirit of fair play and pure love for cycling. The race will start in Warsaw on Saturday, May 28, 2022 and in eight days will take the participants from Poland through the Czech Republic to Germany, where on June 5 the competition will end in Berlin. A real challenge. The organizers have set up a link where athletes who want to take part in the race can register: Registration WPB Race 2022

All the competitors will cover approximately 1,300 km divided into eight stages.


Competitors will ride the route on their own based on the road book provided by the organizers (in addition, everyone will receive a gpx track pack with suggested routes). Each stage will start with a mass start. To reach the finish line of the stage, athletes will have to pass through the checkpoints and upload their position to the race’s social networks. Besides the General Classification, there will be points and mountain classifications.

Below we show you the profiles of each of the stages to give you an idea of the difficulty and elevation gain of each one of them.

The agreement between us and the organizing company of the WPB, will make it possible for TransSport to be the official logistics operator of the WPB for the 2022 edition.

That is, we will manage the shipments of people who want to send their bike to Warsaw for this event and also the return shipment to their homes from Berlin, to the origin of the event or any other destination in another European country. Our company, TransSport, will give you the solution.

If you would like us to ship your bike, please request a budget by clicking on the link.

Sport is a universal language, through it we can strengthen our sense of community with shared experiences.

Sport creates passions and entertainment, but more importantly, it connects people from different backgrounds and cultures and helps preserve their identity. At its core, it is about building peace, both social and interpersonal.

At TransSport we are very happy to live again in a world that is once again spinning normally, where you can travel without so many restrictions, and what better way to celebrate it than with a race with so much meaning in these times as the Peace Race.