What you need to know about skiing for 2023?


The ski season changes depending on weather conditions and the geographic location of the resorts. In general, the amount of natural snow that ski resorts receive changes each season, and at times they may not receive the amount needed to operate all the slopes, which can affect resort operations.

When conditions are optimal for skiing there are many things to discover.

In regions where temperatures are warmer and natural snow is scarce, many ski resorts use artificial snow systems to keep their slopes in optimal condition. However, the use of artificial snow can be costly and sometimes limited by weather conditions, such as lack of cold or wet weather to create artificial snow.

Seasonal snow on the slopes has been replaced.

From Chamonix in France to Innsbruck in Austria, the seasonal snow on the slopes has been replaced by grass, rock and mud. The northern Alps and the French Pyrenees are the most affected by this shortage of snow. Climate change is playing its part with temperatures 7 to 8 degrees above normal.

However, meteorologists have stated that since January 16, World Snow Day, temperatures in Europe have dropped, which will make it possible to enjoy the ski season as it should be. It is important to note that the higher altitude resorts have the necessary amount of snow to practice your favorite winter sports.

A new year and with it comes new releases.

It is true that with the new year, new ski equipment products are launched on the market, products that we at TransSport can send and in this article we want you to take a look at these new models.

Stöckli is a Swiss brand of high quality skis. Founded in 1932, the brand has focused on producing high-quality skis for competitive athletes and high-level ski enthusiasts. Its skis are known for their performance and precision in hard snow and race conditions.

Advanced innovation.

Stöckli arrives in 2023 with innovations for high-end skis that are a reference in design. The brand has renewed the Laser collection, a reference of speed for skiers.

Below you can see a summary of the performance in each one:


New Stockli Laser WRT Pro 2023.

A perfectly organized mix between the technology and design of a super big ski with a slalom ski. If we add carbon inserts under the wood core, especially in the tip to reduce vibrations, we will have a ski with speed and long turns, but capable of being very stable and with a lot of grip when you want to make shorter turns. It is a ski 100% ideal for piste, where you can take advantage of the highest performance, and one of the premium models of the Swiss brand, to whom they have also added a titanium finish.


New Stockli Laser SL 2023.

Its surname SL, from Slalom, also says it all. We are in the presence of an ideal ski for piste and short turns.

The key to these skis are dynamism, agility and grip, which makes the Stockli Laser SL Slalom skis have a good grip in the turns both on entry and exit. With its Flex Torsion Control technology, turns are taken much more easily, while not losing control in the transition between turns.


New Stockli Laser CX Orea 2023.

Elegance, design and track qualities characterize the Stockli Laser CX Orea 2023, a premium model and one of the most expensive of the new Stockli 2023 collection.

These new Stöckli are very good at carving, slalom or some unexpected race. Regarding its performance qualities it is very similar to the Stockli Laser CX. That is, you can make short turns, slalom and are easy to handle as they are lighter than other models of the brand.


New Stöckli Montero AR 2023.

These skis are composed of a pawlonia wood core and have a titanium exterior, making them very adaptable to different terrains. If you are one of those who like the piste but also occasionally go out of it, the Stockli Montero AR is the perfect model for you.

We are in the presence of an all-terrain and versatile ski with 84mm skid, which combines the smoothness of the Laser GS on the piste, with the versatility of the Montero AX to get a sporty and dynamic all-mountain ski.


New Stockli Montero AX 2023.

The new Stöckli Montero AX has total versatility, it works on trodden slopes, freshly fallen powder and wet spring snow. In all these terrains the Montero AX will perform great.

Easy to handle, it has a short-medium turning radius and an 80mm skid ensuring stability and performance in all conditions.

Thanks to technology by advancing the development of skis and snowboards with flexible features, such as Nitinol technology, which allows you to change the shape of the equipment according to the conditions.

There are several ski and snowboard brands that are developing this technology and have been able to adjust their equipment through a mobile app.

This app allows users to adjust the flex and alignment of the skis or boards, as well as customize settings based on terrain and weather conditions to improve performance and safety. However, these systems can vary from brand to brand.

Nitinol, a material that allows skis and snowboards to change shape.

Nitinol’s flexible properties and basic molecular structure allow it to respond to temperature changes.

Nitinol is an alloy of nickel and titanium with unique thermoelastic properties. Nitinol has the ability to “memorize” a specific shape and return to that shape when heated. This characteristic is known as “shape memory”.

Nitinol is used in a variety of applications due to its unique properties.

In the winter sports world, Nitinol is used to create skis and snowboards with flexible characteristics. By inserting Nitinol in key locations of the ski or snowboard and modulating the stiffness of the Nitinol sheets through an application, skiers and snowboarders can change the performance of their equipment based on terrain conditions.

It is important to note that Nitinol is not a common material in the construction of skis or snowboards, as its cost is high, and its manufacturing process is complex and requires specialized machinery, but its use is expected to increase in the future.

Winter sports clothing is not lagging behind in innovation and design this year.

When it comes to winter clothing suitable for skiing and snowboarding, Goldbergh does not lag behind in innovation and brings a luxury collection.

Goldbergh a luxury ski and snowboard clothing brand. Founded in 2008 by Dutch designer Lieke van den Berg and Swiss entrepreneur Sandra Peet. The brand focuses on providing high quality ski and snowboard clothing for women, with a focus on style and fashion. Goldbergh strives to offer comfortable, practical and fashionable clothing that is suitable for extreme mountain weather conditions.

Goldbergh’s clothing is characterized by elegant and sophisticated styling, with unique details and high quality finishes. Products include jackets, pants, thermal underwear, accessories such as gloves and scarves, as well as downwear and outerwear. All products are designed and manufactured in Europe, with high quality materials and technological fabrics to keep customers comfortable and protected in the most extreme conditions.

Glacier Express, the new Goldbergh collection

Goldbergh, the luxury skiwear brand, presented its Glacier Express collection in the exclusive resort of St. Moritz. Inspired by the glamour and fashion of the famous panoramic train that connects St-Moritz and Zermatt in Switzerland. A panoramic journey through the Alpine heart of Switzerland and an unforgettable way to travel from the eastern to the western Swiss Alps.

The collection was presented by influencers Marta Lozano, Teresa Andrés Gonzalvo and Mariona Autran on their social networks while enjoying a few days of skiing at the resort. The brand has created a collection full of trends, luxury and fashion, inspired by the Glacier Express train that connects two exclusive ski resorts in Europe.



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We are excited to be part of your experiences in 2023.