Frequent Questions

+ How to send my sports equipment with TransSport?

+ How can I ask for my budget?

+ I need to bring my bike from Rome to Madrid, do you do this service?

+ If the transport you do terrestrial, Can Transsport send my bike to Lanzarote?

+ I need my sports equipment tomorrow at destination, is it possible to make this shipment?

+ I bought some skis from another person online. Could you make the payment once you have received them?

+ How much does it cost for me to send my sports equipment with TransSport?

+ Apart from the sports equipment (bike, skis, kayak, surfboard, golf clubs, …) I also need to send the accessories (helmet, slippers, inflate, …) Can I send it with TransSport?

+ I need the delivery to be made in a hotel, but depending on the time at which the delivery is made, we may not have arrived yet. Can this be a problem?

+ What guarantee do I have to deliver the material that I want to send on the day I have requested?

+ I have a semi-rigid bag to carry my bike. Can I use it even if it has different dimensions?

+ The third option, “partially dismantled”, how exactly?

+ Does the budget include a protective box for my sports equipment?

+ Can I send my bike fully assembled? How much will it cost me?

+ Do you have a service of dismantling and / or packing at home?

+ On the other hand, I suppose I will have to sign something when you take my sports equipment?

+ What do I have to do if I am in accordance with the budget they have sent me?

+ How and when do I transfer?

+ We are a group of friends Do we have any discount if we send more than one bike at a time?

+ My sports equipment that I am going to send is worth more than 6000 €, can I extend the insurance?

+ I am all day away from home. Can I go to leave my bike to your store or offices?

+ I would like to know if you can send my skis to Austria. It is a leisure trip, I will not compete. Can you send them to me?

+ This morning you have come to collect the bags of golf clubs from my group of friends. At the end we have delivered one bag less than the service we had hired. Can you return the amount corresponding to that bag?