About us


TransSport is the only company specialised in transportation of sports equipment. We focus on those sports which its practice needs great dimension specific equipment and/or can generate certain problems related to comfort for athletes on the time of transporting it with him/her, such as sending a bicycle, golf clubs, skis, kitesurf, … TransSport is a company with main office in Barcelona that allows athletes to practice with their own sports equipment the sport activities they like anywhere in the European Community.

We are the ones that allow you to send sports equipment without billing queues at airports, hassle to upload or losing your luggage and avoid paying exorbitant fees for overweight.


We provide the customer with the appropriate packaging depending on the size and characteristics of the sports equipment you want to send, so it will not suffer any damage during the transport. Subsequently we send it to the destination of you choice, so you can forget any worry and can enjoy your sport where you want.

The articles will always be in the best conditions, in addition, we have the control of the shipments permanently through the tracking, which is available to our customers.

For example, we can carry bicycles on the Camino de Santiago, so you can take your bike to the Camino. We send it to the point where you’re going to start and bring it back when you finish it.

If you want to send your bike to the point where you’re going to start your Camino, requests our transport service and we will send you our special packaging so that you can pack it and thus be able to make the shipment to that location.

We can send it to the accommodation where you are going to start. If you have already done the Camino and need to transport the bike back home from Santiago de Compostela or the town where you decide to finish the Camino, we will send it back to you.


We are the only company that specializes in sending sports equipment, and as athletes, we know the importance of the value of sports equipment, so we take care of our customers’ equipment as if it were our own. We also give our most serious commitment to delivery.

We also offer our service to all those who have a physical disability that prevents them to carry their own luggage, such as a wheelchair.

We do not want any obstacles when practising sports.


We also ask ourselves this question, why decide whether it is a special object or not? Sending sports equipment seems special for most, but for us it is common, because we take it, in fact, it is the only thing we send.

We consider special luggage all kind of sports equipment (bicycles, golf clubs, skis, snowboard, kitesurf, …) because they are the objects that our customers trust us to carry them, consequently, we have to treat in the best conditions to reach its destination on the agreed date and in good condition, so start the sport practice as soon as possible.


Our offices are located at: C/ Balmes, 177 3º 1ª 08006 Barcelona, and we have a distribution center in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona) and another in Meco (Madrid).

If you want to contact us, please send us an email to info@transsport.es, and we will gladly help you.