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TranSport provides transport for athletes` sport equipment


In TransSport we work in the transportation of sports equipment for all athletes, whether amateurs or federated. For this reason we take this opportunity to clarify some doubts you may have.

Our commitment is to send sports equipment to people who practice sports, whether they want to practice sports activities in natural environments, visit a tourist destination to compete in a competition or attend a sporting or simply recreational event.

What role does the CSD play?

The CSD determines different types of athletes: professional league athletes, high level athletes (DAN), professional and federated athletes. No matter what type of athlete you are, if you need to move your sports equipment we can do it, we currently cover the entire European Community, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Norway. We are fully aware of all the Biosecurity protocols and we apply them in each of our shipments of sports equipment, such as bicycles, bags of golf clubs, surfboards among others…

We want you to be up to date with us in all the aspects you may need to practice your favorite sport

Do you know what a sports license is?

A sports license is the document issued by the corresponding sports federation that enables participation in official sports competitions. This allows participation in sports activities and in the associative life of the sports federation and to enjoy the advantages that can take advantage of the agreements that the federation has reached with other entities, such as those that TransSport has with some of them. Go to the Federations section and find out which ones they are.

At TransSport we want to make your life easier and make the most of your sports practices without having to worry about the transportation of your sports equipment.